At Freight People, we’ve put technology at the heart of what we do with our freight management software called Cario.


Using the right technology has become an essential component of any business, and new applications are being developed faster than ever before. This has fuelled a wave of competition over the last 5+ years in particular by lowering the barriers to entry for new start-ups and disrupting many industries.

In our current e-commerce driven world, freight and shipping is no longer an afterthought for any business. It is a core component of your customer service experience and when it’s done well, it can be a key differentiator, but when it’s done poorly, your customers can be quick to move on.

Cario can also be integrated with your ERP and/or accounting systems providing you with better data and eliminating manual data errors.

Cario is our Australian developed, cloud-based solution that will transform the way you:

  • Manage carrier relationships, ensuring you always have the best rates available
  • Quote, book, send and track your freight by providing a single interface that all your team can use regardless of the underlying carrier
  • Report, reconcile and optimise your freight costs, allowing you to find improvements and cost savings that were previously invisible or required hours of labour to find
  • Scale your freight and logistics operations without adding staff by introducing a level of automation and standardised processes

Our end to end freight management process

Key Features



  • Obtain freight quotes to include as part of their sales quotations
  • View different carrier's ETA's so they can provide different options to customers
  • Track and trace freight as required
Customer service

Customer Service

  • Freight booking + consignments
  • Track & Trace consignments and provide ETA
  • Manage returns from the customer
  • Raise service queries with Freight People online, for Freight People to follow-up


  • Compare prices across different carriers
  • Freight booking Paperwork required eg. Dangerous Goods documentation
  • Connote labels
  • Freight Monitoring


  • Compare costings across states warehouse / consignments
  • Identify cost effective freight lanes
  • Easily access all invoice data in MS Excel
  • One fully reconciled invoice for all of your freight services