Customer-Centric Freight Solution

A synergised partnership and shared values deliver a customised freight experience for leading luxury homewares brand, ECOYA.

Industry: Retail / Luxury Homewares
We want to be the brand that everyone wants to work with. So, delivering these parcels to our customers on time, and in the right condition is really, really important.
Claire Hogg, CEO, ECOYA


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With a diverse freight profile that includes shipping fragile, heavy and dangerous goods, direct to consumers, warehouses and retail shopfronts. ECOYA needed a freight partner who could customise their freight experience to not only meet the demands of their customers but exceed them.

Lack of partnership and communication, as well as poor carrier performance, were all contributing to an overrun of freight costs. Since switching to Freight People, EYOYA now have access to comprehensive exception reporting and is equipped with the confidence to know that if there is an issue, Freight People will identify it and respond rapidly.


  • TECHNOLOGY – Seamless integration between NetSuite (Ecoya’s 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) system) and Freight People’s Freight Management Software (Cario)
  • CUSTOMISED – Carrier flexibility and dedicated reporting around defined KPIs, with specific KPIs for VIP customers, to ensure a high level of service and visibility
  • EFFICIENT – Deliveries are automatically assigned to the right carrier based on the delivery profile, removing the need for tedious manual allocation
  • COST – Customisation, communication and continuous improvement have been key to improving and optimising carrier performance, delivering a reduction in freight spend
It makes it much more efficient and cost-effective because the technology customises who we deliver to, with which carriers, and within what regions. That means we can get the right parcel to the right customer in the right way.
Claire Hogg, CEO, ECOYA


Ecoya's future plans centre on sustainability and operational excellence, with a strong focus on leveraging Cario, our advanced logistics solution. We're committed to carbon reporting and are excited about implementing the Cario Connect app for enhanced transparency in our deliveries. Furthermore, Cario's capabilities will enable us to optimise freight costs, align with major retailers' schedules, and introduce AI-driven predictive ETA's for peak periods, ensuring a sustainable and efficient future for Ecoya.

  • Prioritising carbon reporting through Cario, addressing consumer demand for sustainability.
  • Ecoya will soon adopt the Cario Connect app, enabling photo attachments in the delivery process for end consumers, enhancing gift tracking.
  • Cario's new functionality allows auditing of freight charges to ensure cost-effective carrier choices, with team members required to justify deviations.
  • Cario now offers improved ETA management, aligning with Booked or "Delivered On" dates, benefiting deliveries to major retailers like Myer and David Jones.
  • Cario's AI introduces Predictive ETA's, utilising market data (e.g., weather events) for real-time, accurate freight ETA updates, crucial during peak seasons like Christmas.