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Interstate Freight & Transport Services

Smarter Carrier Choice

Most businesses send a range of products, to a range of locations, requiring a range of services. There isn’t one carrier in Australia that can do all of this well. Different carriers have different strengths in either regions, services or freight profile. The hard part is knowing who to use for what, where and when.

Some freight carriers are brilliant at parcels; however, they are expensive at pallets.

Some have invested in automated operations and tracking, so they provide a great service for last mile and B2C deliveries, but not for fragile or bulky items.

Some are brilliant at air services, but poor with dangerous goods and some have extensive East Coast services, but struggle with WA.

Smarter freight means having access to multiple carriers at any time to allow you to choose the right option for the right goods, without the need to compromise.

Freight People works with all the leading freight companies in Australia and with our group buying power, we can ensure you’re getting the best possible rates.

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Smarter Technology

Working with multiple carriers may help you meet all your freight needs, you don’t want this to result in increased internal complexity with multiple systems, multiple invoices or manual reconciliation with your ERP and accounting systems.

You need smarter logistics technology to make this all work and with Freight People, we provide you with one of the best end-to-end cloud-based logistics solutions in the market at no extra cost. Fully developed in Australia to meet specific industry and accounting requirements, our system provides you with:

  • a single interface to order, track and reconcile all your freight requirements with multiple carriers
  • specialist modules to make it easy for the different roles in each department from the warehouse and customer service to sales and management
  • integration with multiple ERP and accounting systems to eliminate data entry errors and help facilitate financial modelling to reconcile and optimise your logistics
  • automation to allow you to scale your logistics and reduce risk without the need to add more people
  • one single, consolidated invoice to pay regardless of how many carriers you’ve used each month
Smarter technology

Smarter People

When you work with Freight People, you have a single point of contact, supported by an expert team. One phone number, one invoice and one system regardless of which carrier you’ve used. We can help with whatever you need such as tracking lost goods, setting up new carrier relationships or providing support for our freight management software.

We also have technology specialists that can help you integrate our freight management software with your ERP or accounting systems. This means:

  • your salespeople can get real-time quotes on freight themselves
  • customer support teams can track deliveries regardless of the carrier used
  • your finance team will always have business data for optimising freight costs
  • your management team can get business analytics reports for overall logistics planning

Working with Freight People, our team become an extension of your team, helping complete the transformation to Smarter Freight and Logistics.

Smarter people

Why work with Freight People?

We manage all your freight requirements and do the work for you. One number to call, one system to use, one consolidated invoice - regardless of how many carriers you use, or types of freight you send each month.

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Will it cost me more to use Freight People instead of a carrier?

No. Generally companies are financially better off using a broker. This is through leveraging Freight People’s knowledge of the best carrier for each delivery location, as well as group buying power. Aside from the hard dollar savings, there are a number of soft savings like time efficiency, automation and error reduction.

No, we don’t. We’re not a carrier, we’re a freight broker which means we find the best freight providers and deals for you to meet any of your freight and logistics needs and make it easier for you to manage your freight business.

We integrate directly with a number of different ERP and accounting systems. You can find more information about our freight management software here.

We work with all the leading carrier’s in Australia and can maintain any existing deals with those carriers through our freight management software. Through our bulk buying power though, we can often find better rates for you and save you money. We then consolidate all those rates through our system so you only have to pay one consolidated invoice with all your freight reconciled.

You always have a single point of contact within Freight People for any problem regardless of the carrier you’re working with. If we can’t solve the problem, we can escalate and chase things on your behalf as well.

Different carrier options can be enabled within minutes. Freight People have a relationship with almost all major freight companies in Australia. Our strength is on knowing which carriers to use for what and understand there is always a need for backups. This has become even more prevalent in today’s world of pandemics and cyber security.