At Freight People, we’re working to transform the way organisations work with freight, turning it into a competitive differentiator for your business. 

We started out in 1987 helping organisations choose the best freight carrier for the right goods at the best price and have since grown steadily to become a trusted, technology driven freight and logistics broker with a dream to also drive carbon neutrality across our operations.

Our dedicated team and home-grown technology support hundreds of Australian businesses with their logistics and supply chain management as we continue to look for ways to help them compete in a fast-changing world.

We love solving freight challenges, so call us anytime on 1800 621 036 to discuss your specific situation.

Our Story

At Freight People, we’re working to transform the way organisations work with freight, turning it into a competitive differentiator for your business.

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Our Process

As freight brokers, we work hard to get you the best deal possible for the types of freight you send, but that’s just one piece of your freight and logistics puzzle. We also work with you to optimise your entire end-to-end freight process, introducing better technology and streamlining processes across multiple departments to save your staff time and money.

We do this through a 6-step process, designed to uncover all your freight challenges.

1 Understand

We meet with you to fully understand your requirements in as much detail as possible

2 Analyse

We analyse your freight and identify where there could be cost savings or performance improvements

3 Negotiate

We approach and negotiate with multiple carriers to get the best carriers for each freight lane.

4 Propose

We propose a solution to you with the best fit-for-purpose carriers

5 Implement

We implement our cutting edge technology platform at your site, with the support of our deicated customer service team.

6 Maintain

We partner with you on an on-going basis to ensure the agreed benefits are realised

Our 4 Pillars of Service

Leading technology

Leading Technology

  • Single technology system enabling real time booking, consigning, manifesting and tracking / POD’s
  • Multiple freight carrier options through a single portal
  • Comprehensive reporting options using market leading reporting software
  • Real time reporting of discrepancies to proactively manage customer expectations
Carrier management

Carrier Management

  • Extensive experience in freight negotiations
  • Data driven carrier analysis to ensure optimal performance
  • On-going measurement of freight costs, to identify any cost saving opportunities
  • KPI reporting and management
Consolidated invoice

Consolidated Invoice

  • Single reconciled invoice covering entire freight profile
  • All invoices reconciled against what was sent from the warehouse
  • Identify and address discrepancies with carriers to ensure all is data correct
Independent advice

Independent Advice

  • Objective analysis of your optimal freight carrier mix
  • 30 years’ experience understanding each carrier’s capabilities
  • Deep network across Australian transport companies, with significant market leverage

Our Executive Team

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Matthew Marshall

Managing Director

Leading the Freight People team since 2015, Matthew is a driving force behind the company’s growth and innovation. With extensive experience leading teams in technology and finance, he is also a doting and busy father to 3 young children.

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Fiona Marshall


A high regarded Sales & Marketing executive, Fiona has cultivated the customer centric approach at the core of Freight People. Her experience with supply chain technology has seen her challenge the status quo, bringing ideas and new technology to the business.

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Paul Nicholson


As the founder of Freight People almost 30 years ago, there is not much Paul doesn’t know about freight. He is highly regarded within the industry and our clients gain tremendous value from his deep freight knowledge, extensive network and experience.