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Why use freight people?


Smarter Freight Solutions

We analyse your freight profile, optimise the carrier mix and technology, leverage our market power, and then together we run it more efficiently.

Through our years of experience in the industry, we know which carriers to use where and when, and help optimise your freight to drive efficiencies and cost savings.

Our staff are always on hand to help manage your orders, recommend new approaches, and proactively resolve issues.


Innovative Technology

Our single portal, multi-carrier freight management solution underpins our freight offering.

The system provides a single portal for multiple freight carriers, enabling you in real time to book carriers based on price or performance, handle POD’s and manifests, and track consignments. We can proactively alert you (or your customer) to any delays, so that we can solve issues before they happen.

Our reporting solutions are market leading and provide extensive business insight to our customers. We continuously add new technology capabilities to our offering as they become available.


Exceptional Customer Service

Our team is enthusiastic, motivated and determined to go above and beyond to support you.

We personally get to know your business so we understand your objectives and constraints. We see ourselves as our customer’s logistics team, and we work hard to be trusted as this.

A young team, we are committed to new ideas and innovative ways to do things, and problem solving is core to us. As a local, family owned business based in Oakleigh, we understand the demands of business, and we strive to deliver personalised service every time.

– Matthew Marshall Managing Director

Our 4 Pillars of Service


Leading Technology

  • Single technology system enabling real time booking, consigning, manifesting and tracking / POD’s

  • Multiple freight carrier options through a single portal

  • Comprehensive reporting options using market leading reporting software

  • Real time reporting of discrepancies to proactively manage customer expectations


Carrier Management

  • Extensive experience in freight negotiations

  • Data driven carrier analysis to ensure optimal performance

  • On-going measurement of freight costs, to identify any cost saving opportunities

  • KPI reporting and management


Consolidated Invoice

  • Single reconciled invoice covering entire freight profile

  • All invoices reconciled against what was sent from the warehouse

  • Identify and address discrepancies with carriers to ensure all is data correct


Independent Advice

  • Objective analysis of your optimal freight carrier mix

  • 30 years’ experience understanding each carrier’s capabilities

  • Deep network across Australian transport companies, with significant market leverage