Whatever your mix of freight - fragile, medical, bulky, road, rail - we have a solution for you.

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Palletised Shipping

If you deal with importing/exporting large quantities of products, you know how difficult, expensive and time-consuming interstate pallet transport can be - especially when moving lots of freight a long distance. Freight People have the tools necessary to make the process easier and more cost-effective for you.

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Palletised freight

Carton Freight

As many businesses move to more ‘just in time’ ordering, we are seeing an increase in carton freight. To add to this, there has been an explosion of home deliveries since the Covid 19 pandemic. Having the right carrier options available to service your varying consumer needs is vital.

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Carton freight

Air Freight

Most Australian companies have a need for some form of air freight. Whether this be for regular small replenishments, urgent orders or next flight, there are a range of solutions to choose from. Air Freight is the most expensive part of the domestic freight therefore it is important it is used appropriately. Often airfreight is used in times of emergency so having the right carrier backed up by the right team at Freight People makes all of the difference. Part of the ongoing governance meeting is reviewing your mix of air vs road vs rail to ensure you are getting the right service / cost outcome.

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Air freight

Regional Freight

Many regional carriers are often the on-forwarder for the major Australian Freight Companies. If you have decent volume into regional areas, it makes sense to include certain regional carriers into your solution. This is often relevant for places like Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and large regional centres like Toowoomba and Dubbo.

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Regional freight

Freight Warranty

Freight People FreightSafe warranty provides our customers with peace of mind for their transport. Even the best carriers in the industry can sometimes experience damaged or missing freight. Freight People's FreightSafe warranty is there to ensure you have protection for your goods during transport until your end destination.

  • Fast claim settlement time – generally within 7 business days
  • Fast, simple online claims form
  • Once added to your account, all consignments are automatically covered

This warranty is administered by a professional 3rd party company, FreightSafe, whom have been operating for over 17 years in the freight industry.

You can access the online claim form here.

All claims are subject to our terms and conditions.

For more information on the Freight People FreightSafe Warranty and the additional services we provide, please contact our office on 1800 621 036

Freight warranty

Negotiating New Carrier Rates & Contracts

If you’ve been working with your carriers for over a year, the chances are you’re not getting the best deal available. With our group buying power, we can often access better rates than you could get going direct.

We work with all the leading carriers in Australia:

Reviewing and optimising all your carrier rates is one of the key benefits in working with Freight People so contact us today and let us find you a better deal.

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Technology Services

Our freight management system dramatically simplifies the end-to-end freight process, but its real power kicks in when you link it to your internal ERP, WMS or accounting systems.

Depending on what solution you’re using, our local technology team can help integrate our software with your internal platform eliminating the need for manual data transfer or the separate production of freight reports for review. The savings from this integration can be immense, and customers often find they can re-divert their operational and customer service headcount.

Technology services