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Whatever your mix of freight - fragile, medical, bulky, road, rail - we have a solution for you.

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Freight Operations Support

When you work with Freight People, you have a single point of contact, supported by an expert team. One phone number, one invoice and one system, regardless of which carrier you use. We can help with whatever you need, such as tracking lost goods, setting up new carrier relationships, or providing support for our freight management software.

Our team are an extension of your team, helping transform your enterprise freight operations.

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Technology Integration

Working with multiple carriers may help you meet all your freight management needs, but you don’t want this to result in increased internal complexity with multiple systems, multiple invoices or manual reconciliation with your ERP and accounting systems.

You need a technology-based approach to make this all work, and with Freight People, we provide you with Cario, one of the best end-to-end cloud-based freight management systems in the market.


Freight Automation & Optimisation

With a technology-based approach, all your transactional and interactional data will be consolidated in one place, which opens up numerous possibilities for analysis and optimisation.

Data can also form the basis for new automation capabilities for repetitive tasks, alerts, and data flows, allowing you to scale your freight operations and reduce risk without adding more people.

With our Freight Optimisation Workshop for new customers, plus ongoing health checks and efficiency reports, we can find ways to improve your freight outcomes. In addition, once you are set up, our freight management software will continue to make improvement recommendations based on the data captured.


Carbon Footprint Analysis & Sustainability

With sustainability initiatives top of mind in enterprise organisations, measuring the carbon cost of your freight operations is the first step in being able to optimise and reduce it.

Using the data within our Freight Management System Cario, our powerful calculator accurately measures the gross emissions of your multifaceted freight operations and recommends offsets to help your organisation make a positive impact on the environment. This can be extended to our Transport Management Software, Cario Connect, for your own fleet.
• Visualise carbon insights via reports and dashboards
• Leverage freight data for cleaner, more efficient logistics
• Ensure compliance and embrace sustainability initiatives


Multi Carrier Management – redefining the role of a Freight Broker

Most businesses send a range of products to various locations, requiring different services. There isn’t one freight carrier in Australia that can do all of this well. Different freight carriers have different strengths in either regions, services or freight profile. The hard part is knowing who to use for what, where and when.

Some freight carriers are brilliant at parcels; however, they are expensive at pallets.

Whatever your mix of freight – fragile, medical, bulk, road, rail – we have a solution for you

Palletised freight

Palletised Shipping

If you deal with importing/exporting large quantities of products, you know how difficult, expensive and time-consuming interstate pallet transport can be, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to move large shipments of goods across the country with the lowest risk of damage. Freight People can make it easier and more economical by matching you with express freight carriers for a single pallet or a whole load.

Carton freight

Carton Freight

As many businesses move to more ‘just in time’ ordering, we are seeing an increase in carton freight (also known as parcel freight) using shipping boxes and mailing boxes. Instead of having to keep thousands of items of stock in bulk at a warehouse, carton shipping allows you to respond more rapidly to the needs of your customers, so they receive their goods just as they need them. Even though it’s slightly more expensive than Palletised Shipping, Carton Shipping allows you to hold less working capital when it comes to stock, while giving an excellent turnaround on delivery timelines.

Air freight

Air Freight

Most Australian companies have a need for some form of air freight. Whether this be for regular small replenishments, urgent orders or next flight, there are a range of solutions to choose from. Air Freight is the most expensive part of the domestic freight therefore it is important it is used appropriately. Often airfreight is used in times of emergency so having the right carrier backed up by the right team at Freight People makes all of the difference. Part of the ongoing governance meeting is reviewing your mix of air vs road vs rail to ensure you are getting the right service / cost outcome.

Regional freight

Regional Freight

Many regional carriers are often the on-forwarder for the major Australian Freight Companies. If you have decent volume into regional areas, it makes sense to include certain regional carriers into your solution. This is often relevant for places like Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and large regional centres like Toowoomba and Dubbo.

Let Freight People do the work for you while you focus on your business.

Freight People can also manage traditional freight broker services , working with all the leading freight carriers in Australia, and with our group buying power, we can ensure you’re getting the best possible rates.

Freight People, redefining the role of a Freight Broker.