Why use a Freight Broker?

We often get asked why use a freight broker – and many businesses still believe that a freight broker doesn’t add any value to their business.

Today we are going to explain why a freight broker should be seen as a critical component of every company go-to-market strategy.

Firstly, Freight Brokers core business is Freight. They live and breathe it. They spend every waking hour talking with freight providers, scheduling and booking pick ups, tracking orders, developing relationships with various carriers and shipping companies, and auditing freight bills. Is it any wonder they do this better than anyone else? By utilizing a freight broker, you are freeing up your time to spend focusing on your company and what it does best – which is likely not freight.

Secondly, Freight Brokers have a large freight spend with many logistics providers, and as a result can often access better rates than a single company can if they go direct. This means they generally pay for themselves, with a freight broker usually a cost neutral option for many companies. Often more important than rates however, is that Freight Brokers have deep relationships with these logistics providers, and so are more likely to be able to pull a few strings to locate that missing box on a Friday afternoon.

Thirdly, Freight Brokers save you time, and time equals money. A Freight broker is like having a team of people working for you – without the cost (their cost is usually incorporated into the rates you pay, which are generally lower than what you can negotiate anyhow). With Freight being a major headache for many companies, who wouldn’t want to out-source this to absolute experts in this field?

So what are you waiting for? Engage a freight broker today and save your company time and money – and get a better service!