Why Freight People Is Perfect For All Deliveries

Some freight companies only specialise in specific products, others only use a single mode of transportation. Some freight companies only offer business to business transportation services and other smaller companies focuses on delivering for the public. At Freight People we cater for all Australians and for all of their logistics needs. We have been in operation for over 30 years and in this time we have established trusted connections and relationships with a wide range of industries. Our vast connections enable us to cater for customers from all walks of life and to help everyone with their deliveries, no matter how small or big their freight needs are and no matter how simple or complex their cargo requirements might be. Here are the top reasons our company is perfect for any and all deliveries.

We Handle Shipments through Various Modes of Transport

We handle shipments across Australia and ship goods via all available modes of transport. By matching certain types of freight up with the right carriers we enable businesses to transport masses of products much more affordably. Our company has connections with various logistics companies, rail freight, sea freight and more which enable us to send your freight via sea, land, road or more.

We Deliver Across Australia

Our business is perfect for companies with a client base that stretches across the country because we deliver across Australia. Our rail freight systems allow us to reach all major cities around the coastlines and connections with vast carriers enable us to reach all towns and suburbs that lie in-between.

We Offer Small Freight Solutions

Are you sending a small package to someone in a far off destination? We can help because we also cater to the public. Our business invites anyone to shop their goods via our networks even if you require delivery services just once.

We Offer Large Freight Solutions

Our company is perfect for sending bulk freights down your business supply chain. We have connections with large to small carriers and even in the rail freight industry which enable us to send masses of cargo across the country to whatever destination you want your cargo to be delivered. We also offer pallet transportation services which enable us to transport large quantities of products with great ease and speed.

We Can Handle All Types of Goods

At Freight People we are experienced and equipped to handle a great variety of specific products such as medical freight and dangerous goods. Contact our offices to find out more about the possibilities of getting your rare, expensive or dangerous items shipped across the country.

Our Business Offers the Safest Solutions

Freight People use FreightSafe to insure your cargo that is trusted into our hands - if you choose. With this superb insurance company we can get fast claim settlements, apply online claims quickly and all of the consignments within our care can be automatically fully covered if you choose. Our insurance ensures that you will get compensated for your products or lost shipments should the worst happen while goods are in transition.

Easy Process

With our easy processes, you never have to struggle to get any of your products delivered. We make it easy for you to understand the freight industry, we analyse the freight details for you, negotiate a deal with carriers on your behalf and we maintain your products while they are in transition. We also offer full freight management services so busy companies can enjoy relaxed shipping experienced without having to worry about arrangements. To find out more about our freight management service or enquire about how Freight People can help transport your cargo, we welcome you to give us a call or to contact us via email. We would love to hear from you.