Ways Our Leading Freight Technology Reduces Errors

The modern logistics technologies we use here at Freight People assists tremendously in reducing all sorts of errors in the industry. Before recent advancements changed the freight industry for the better, management companies and carriers had their hands full trying to compensate for errors and challenges that manual data processing and tracking posed for this complex industry. The modern technology and practices we use at Freight People gives us and our customers many more benefits than you will ever probably even know about. Here are the top ways our leading freight technology reduces errors when it comes to transporting your goods.

No Third Party Billing Errors

When goods are shipped across the country, lots of hands will be responsible for handling, loading, offloading and transporting your products. With manual data entry, lots of mistakes can potentially creep in. As a result, carrier charges and quoted charges can greatly vary which causes all sorts of discomforts and arguments. At Freight People our billing systems are automated which means every person that handles our goods are charged and paid correctly and there is no need for any of our customers to ever have to deal with unexpected costs or billing errors.

No Wrong Delivery Addresses

Delivery addresses are obtained from the client and receiver themselves and are automatically processed on all shipping documentation and electronic data systems. This makes it easy for everyone and anyone handling your goods to see exactly where items are headed and the chances of delivering your goods to the wrong address are eliminated.

Customer Reference Number Errors

In freight, we often use reference numbers in order to make it easier to process specific customer queries, requests, and shipments. If these reference numbers are not processed correctly then our offices cannot handle these queries or issues adequately. Luckily, our modern software always allocates the right reference numbers to customers and the right reference numbers are always allocated to the right issues when these numbers are archived.

Invoices Are Not Analysed Correctly

It is important for our admin teams to understand all costs associated with transportation accurately so we can prevent spending unnecessarily and identify the most affordable shipping methods for our customers. Invoices that are not drafted correctly or that are not all-inclusive are challenging to understand. Our modern software makes it easier for carriers to invoice us and vice versa and are easier to understand which greatly reduces mistakes such as overbilling, under billing and more.

Reduced Chances of Missing Goods

Theft is a huge issue in the logistics industry and at Freight People we take a lot of extreme measures to ensure the safety of our products on the roads. Our modern technology also reduces the chances of your goods being mislabelled or of items getting lost which reduces the opportunity for someone to take your products.

Reduced Chances of Product Damages

Specialised freight such as fragile goods needs to be accompanied by handling instructions so our carriers will know what to do and what not to do with these boxed up items. Our leading freight technology automatically instructs all carriers and freight personnel on how to handle specific and sensitive goods when these items are being transported on our busy and dangerous roads. This reduces handling errors since carriers will know not to handle items roughly, turn boxes upside down or drop items.

No Missing Documentation

Some types of freight such as dangerous goods require specific documentation and authentications and transporting your products via certain transportation modes and across states might also require identification and clarification documents. With our modern technology, it becomes easy for anyone in the logistics industry to access this documentation since everything can be stored on cloud-based technologies. At Freight People we take great pride in our modern freight technology because this new tech enables us to help our customers and everyone in our teams without the risk of errors or mistakes.