Understanding the Role of a Freight Broker

Freight broker services are not the easiest industry to understand. A freight broker makes the entire process of getting goods transported from point A to point B easy, but underneath what seems to be a simple process, this freight management and logistics company has a big role to fill in the freight industry. Simply put, the role of a freight broker is to bring shippers and transportation companies together in a way that results in the lowest and highest quality shipping fees and services possible. Freight brokers play an important role in the freight industry because most customers and most transporting companies just don’t have the time or resources to manage all aspects involved in transport. To understand the role of a freight broker better you should also learn more about all different players in the freight industry.

The Freight Broker

A freight broker is a middleman who connects customers sending freight, to the best available freight carriers while managing various other aspects of the supply chain such as insurance, freight monitoring, warehousing and much more.

Freight Shipper

The shipper is the business that supplies the product to a customer. The shipper will ask the freight broker to handle the freight to ensure the safety of products and to get a lower freight rate for products since the freight broker can send many goods through the same freight channels.

Freight Carrier

The freight carrier company is the company that transports the goods. There are numerous freight carriers in the AUstralian marketplace. Some specialise in certain freight lanes across Australia, some specialise in certain Australian states, others specialise in freight of a certain good.

Freight Forwarder

Most people confuse a freight forwarder with a freight broker. A freight forwarder is a company that transports shipments internationally. A freight broker is a middle man that helps connect customers with freight carriers, and manage freight movements domestically or internationally.

Import-Export Broker

These brokers work with customs and only handle international goods. They work alongside international freight brokers, freight forwarders, and freight brokers to get goods imported and exported between different countries.

Agricultural Truck Broker

These brokers mainly deal in agricultural products and handle or arrange transportation of agriculture goods between shippers and carriers. Freight brokers make life easier for shippers and handlers The main duty of the freight broker is to make life simpler for shippers and handlers.

Freight brokers like Freight Broker Australia provide both shippers and carriers with various services such as the following;

  • Freight management services for the entire supply chain
  • Negotiations and relationships with logistics companies
  • Negotiations and relationships with top quality Australian transportation companies
  • Freight management systems to keep your cargo as safe as possible.
  • Personalised services to match your exact transportation need
  • Australian wide pickup and delivery services

Freight brokers are business to business focused and they are a perfect solution for any shipper that needs to transport goods in the supply chain. With a freight broker at your side, you can save lots of money on freight movements, enjoy reliability and punctuality for your cargo and get the data you need for your cargo so you can keep customers happy and up to date on the exact delivery dates. Freight brokers are critical to the success of transportation industries. If you need your products shipped to your supply chain then you can definitely consider a freight broker for a worry-free and reliable transportation service.