Tips for Using Rail Freight Services

Rail freight transportation is an excellent, efficient way to transport cargo, especially larger loads across the country. While Australia’s rail freight system is, to a large extent, state-based and owned, the network does enable businesses to make use of the system. There are also a number of small private railways in various parts of the country.

Overall, our rail freight system extends over a total of 33,168 kilometres of track and stretches across the coastal lines and through Australia to all major cities and regions. It’s not always easy to plan your freight logistics and knowing how to value these services, especially when you have a business to run. This is where we come in.

At Freight People, we provide rail freight management services. You can dispatch products to all major cities via our system and can enjoy reliable, safe and affordable freighting for all your goods. To help you get started with better freight management, here are some of our top tips and benefits.

Suitable For Big Loads

Businesses can ship 1 – 24-ton loads through the rail system. This is a perfect solution for companies that are transporting large shipments to various parts of the country.

Suitable For Heavy Loads

One of the biggest benefits of rail freight is the fact that you can send heavy items much more affordable. Trains are capable of handling much heavier shipments than trucks and can get masses of loads shipped in a single trip where a multitude of trucks would be required for shipping the same amount of heavy items.

We Will Negotiate Affordable Rates Of Your

At Freight People we take full control of your shipment. Our cargo experts will handle freight negotiations for you and we will ensure that you get the best possible deal for all of your rail freights.

Label Goods Properly

When you are sending items via rail freight you should keep in mind that lots of other businesses in Australia are also making use if this valuable transportation mode. Always label your products and goods efficiently so freight handlers can easily identify your shipments.

Make Your Address Clear

Your goods should be marked with a clear delivery address. This makes it easier for different shipment handlers and freight workers to identify where your freight items are to be offloaded and it also eases the pickup and delivery for carriers that will take these items to their end destination.

Proper Packaging Is Important

Rail freight is much more stable than road transportation. The rail system ensures a smooth ride and goods are not likely to get damaged while on the train. But when your products are switched to a different transportation mode the journey can become bumpy and unpredictable. Proper packaging and security materials are important even if you are shipping via a secure and safe rail freight system. Good packaging ensures the safety of products and reduces the risk of proper damage throughout the journey.

Pallet Transportation Eases Everything

Pallet transportation is preferred in most transportation modes whenever you are sending a large and bulky shipment or particularly heavy goods. These pallets just make it easier to load and offload all of your products since the entire bulk can be handled with a skid steer. It is easier to load items on a truck, to offload these pallets and to transmit it onto a train. Pellet transportation also keeps all of your belongings together and tightly bound which reduces vibration damage, saves space and keeps your items together.

Want to make use of our rail freight solutions? Then give Freight People a call right now. We are happy to share all the best shipping tips with you and can offer you the best advice with regards to interstate transitions and more. Our rail freight is the ultimate solution or getting huge amounts of cargo shipped down your supply chains more affordable.