How to set your self for a hassle-free peak period

We are fast approaching Christmas & the New Year and as we approach the peak season, here are some tips to help you and your business navigate through the silly season.

Maintain Open Communication:

Keep close communication with your Freight People Account Manager. Our team has established relationships with transport providers nationwide. This ensures that we stay informed about your business's demand and freight volumes, allowing us to keep you updated on the evolving transport and logistics landscape.

Book in your timeslots in advance:

Secure your delivery timeslots by booking as far in advance as possible. This approach maximises the chances of timely pickup and delivery, especially in the lead-up to Christmas.

Anticipate Delays:

Acknowledge the unprecedented disruptions affecting many transport carriers, including natural disasters, illness-related absenteeism, and driver shortages. Be prepared for these factors to impact the speed of your freight delivery. Utilise Cario and Cario Connect to track your consignment.

Ensure Secure Labels:

Attach labels securely to your packages and ensure your freight is wrapped correctly to withstand transit and adverse weather conditions.

Prepare Freight for Collection:

Ensure your freight is ready for collection by your scheduled pickup date and include the receiver's contact name and number. The receiver's details must be up to date to assist drivers with coordinating deliveries. If the receiver has given Authority to Leave - please ensure this is correctly noted as well.

Choose the Right Service:

For urgent shipments, opt for priority, same-day, or overnight services. While these services may incur additional costs, they significantly enhance the likelihood of prompt freight delivery.

Carrier Cut-off dates:

To assist you with further planning please see the below cut-off dates by State & Service to ensure your freight is delivered by the required dates.

If you require assistance with freight management, please do not hesitate to contact the Freight People team today. Your proactive collaboration helps us navigate any possible challenges and ensures a smoother logistics experience during this demanding season.