Pallet Transport FAQ

Pallets are flat, typically wooden structures used for the transportation of goods. They are known for their stability as well as their versatility, which is why they are a popular option for many types of business who need to ship their products. 

Pallets are ideal for a range of goods and are a relatively low-maintenance freight packaging solution. Many freight carriers will require your goods to be palletised before transportation, to reduce damages and provide more effective freight transport. So, it pays to educate yourself about the ins and outs of pallet transportation to ensure you use this packaging option correctly.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about pallet transport:

Q: How Many Pallets Can You Transfer?

A: At Freight People, we are highly flexible with the services we offer. We can transport anything from one individual pallet to an entire truck load (or multiple). No matter your requirement, we can find the appropriate pallet transport for you.

Q: Where Do I Get the Pallets?

A: While pallets are easily obtainable in Australia, freight carriers can sometimes provide pallets for you. (This must be discussed prior to arrangement– Your freight broker can provide more information.) Additionally, pallets can be bought in bulk from pallet suppliers if you need a large amount. 

Q: Which Type of Products Are Best for Palletised Freight? 

A: Pallets work with a range of product types. If you have lots of smaller, bulky goods to move, they can be loaded onto pallets, which can then be stacked. Larger items such as furniture, appliances and materials can also benefit from palletisation, resulting in reduced damages. The only products that are not allowed are items which may be hazardous.

Q: Are There Different Types of Pallets?

A: Yes, tons! CHEP Pallets (which are known for their blue colour) are a very common Australian pallet in size and shape. They are considered the "standard" pallet size, have four entry points, and are pretty heavy at around 40kg a piece. Loscam is another popular pallet company, characterised by double entry, red pallets. The last most commonly seen Australian pallets are made of plain wood and have two entry points. They are not considered as sturdy as CHEP or Loscam. 

Q: Where Can My Pallets Be Sent?

A: At Freight People, we ship our freight (pallets included) all around Australia, including between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth as well as smaller towns and cities. And don’t expect to spend an arm and a leg, or have to wait ages for your freight to be delivered. In the freight carrier selection process, we will carefully consider who can complete your required job within your budget, in the timeframe you need, and to the desired Australian destination.

Q: Is Pallet Freight Expensive?

A: This depends on the size and weight of your freight, final destination, urgency of delivery, and several other variables. Typically, however, pallet freight tends to be a lower cost option than others. This is because pallets can be packed efficiently and stacked, which takes up less room in a truck. And usually the less space you take, the lower the cost of your job. 

*We recommend that you try and strategise your packing so that your haul takes up as little room as possible to reduce costs. 

We hope that this brief question and answer session helped clear up any confusion about interstate pallet transport in Australia. We understand that working out logistics can be a long and tedious process, however. This is why we welcome you to come to us with any further questions or enquiries. 

Our friendly staff is ready to satisfy any of your pallet freight and transportation needs. Give us a call at 1800 621 036 to see how we can help.