Is It Wise to Use a Freight Company for Small But Regular Shipments?

As your company develops, you need to frequently re-evaluate all aspects of your company in order to keep improving on service delivery and to help your business keep expenses at a bare minimum. Transporting your goods down your supply chain can be expensive, and your shipping costs impact your business in the following ways:

  • Greater transportation cost to company results in decreased profits
  • Increases in your product prices in order to compensate for the delivery expenses
  • Reduced sales due to increased product prices

And that is just the impact that delivery costs have on your business. Delivery arrangements, negotiations with carriers, and freight management all take up a lot of your time and costs your business more money due to extra salaries you need to pay for your freight management division.

While you are considering ways to reduce transportation costs, you may start considering using a freight company like Freight People. But is this a good investment for your small business, or will it end up being too expensive?

Freight People Offers Incredibly Affordable Rates

Freight People might be a big freight company that handles large shipments for some of Australia’s largest companies, but that doesn’t mean that we are unsuitable for your business. In fact, our extensive networking is exactly what makes Freight People a viable solution for small businesses. We have a huge network of freight teams, and our carriers are constantly delivering goods across Australia. The wide variety of customers we serve enables us to incorporate various strategies into our process, such as combined shipments and backloading, which enables us to offer transportation at much more affordable rates. Freight People are also constantly re-evaluating your shipping costs, and we are constantly at work to find the most affordable solutions for each and every company that uses our service. 

Consider All of the Benefits of Using a Freight Company

While you are considering the rates of freight companies, you should also consider the benefits that a freight company will have for your business and customers. Here are the top benefits to keep in mind when you consider your delivery rates:

  • Insurance is included on all of your products
  • Freight management is included, which saves you lots of money on salaries
  • Our carriers have incredibly quick turnover rates and can get your goods delivered quickly
  • On-time deliveries, which will boost your reputation
  • A vast logistics network gives you the opportunity to expand your business across Australia, which can result in much more sales
  • Low risk of damages or lost goods while goods are in transit
  • Automatic updates on the exact whereabouts of all of your shipments so you can keep your customers fully informed at all times
  • Secure warehouse storage facilities
  • Huge variety of carriers available to handle your packages, which reduces the risk of delayed shipments
  • All negotiations and arrangements are done for you by skilled professionals
  • Documentation and agreements are taken care of on your behalf 

With these benefits in mind, as well as the fact that Freight People offers incredibly affordable transit rates, it becomes clear that this is a viable solution for small businesses with regular shipments. No matter the size of your business, we have a freight solution for you. For more information on rates and services, contact the team at Freight People today.