Interesting things you should know about Pallet Freight

In our quick-phased modern world, hundreds and thousands of products are shipped via pallets every year. Pallet freight is one of the most popular freight methods in Australia because these simple wooden bases ease transportation, shipment handling, and delivery processes tremendously all while protecting your belongings.

Business owners and traders often have lots of questions regarding palletized delivery systems. It is important to understand what pallet freight is and how the system works before you dive in to get your products delivered via this revolutionary logistics method.

If you are shipping large quantities of cargo then you should consider pallet distribution. Here are a few of the most interesting things you probably want to know about pallet freight.

Defining Pallet Freight

In pallet freight, large amounts of products are tied down to pallets. These pallets are then loaded onto vehicles and are then transported across the country to different warehouses and businesses.

The pallets onto which goods are loaded are very simple yet functional in design. They are flat and square or rectangular and sizes usually range around 1200 x 800 x 150mm. Pallets are available in wood and plastic form but many do prefer wooden pallets because wood is strong, easy to repair and the material is recyclable and renewable.

Pallets have a specific design that helps keep the weight of the pallet low, offers required strength to handle heavy cargo and to allow skid steers or bobcats to easily load, offload and move pallets around warehouses.

Around 56 million pallets are produced in Australia each year

Australian pallet manufacturers deliver about 56 million pallets onto the market every year and the demand for pallets slowly increases with each passing year due to a higher demand for this type of product.

Pallet Shipping Is a Popular Distribution Method

Pallet shipping is one of the most popular shipping methods in Australia. These wooden bases are used to transport any and all types of goods from small objects such as simple merchandise to heavy products such as concrete.

Pallets are popular transportation products in all industries

Pallets are very popular in logistics industries because they are invaluable when it comes to shipping goods. You can use them to ship a variety of product types from light to extremely heavy and they are perfect for reducing product damage while enhancing product safety.

Pallets Reduce the Risk of Transporting Goods on Busy Roads

They enhance the safety of work environments because they offer a sturdier design for stacking and goods are secured to these wooden bases to keep everything together. The wooden design of pallets also assists in shock absorption to help minimize product damage.

Pallets Are Relatively Easy To Dispose Of

Pallets are a renewable product that can be recycled into furniture. When pallets become worn down and are no longer functional, they can also be disposed of easily at landfills and other waste disposal firms.

The Pallet Distribution Network Is Quite Complex

Transporting pallet cargo involves quite a lot of steps. First, pallets need to be dropped off at clients where they are loaded and stacked with products. They are then shipped to warehouses where these shipments are rerouted and assigned to carriers that deliver in specific regions. Pallets often contain expensive freights and good companies like freight broker Australia safeguards these shipments via tracking and monitoring to ensure that nothing gets lost or stolen in transition.

Arranging, taking charge and managing pallet freights is no easy task but it can be if you trust these challenging tasks into the hands of a specialised freight broker in Australia. Now you have a better understanding on pallet distribution, contact a transport company to learn about your options.