How We Make Pallet Transport Easy and Affordable

If you are completely new to the logistics industry then you might not know about all the terrific benefits of pallet transport just yet.

A pallet or skid is a flat structure onto which a load of goods is secured. These structures enable logistics workers to load the entire batch of goods onto a truck by using a forklift.

Pallet transport is one of the most popular transportation methods in the world because pallets make it much easier to load items on and off trucks and containers. These structures also enhance the safety of your goods because items are secured to the pallets by using strapping and stretch wrap or shrink wrap.

At Freight People we have been working in the logistics industry for more than 30 years and over this time, we are frequently using the pallet transport mode in order to get our customers' items transported and delivered as safely and quickly as possible. 

Here are just a few things we do to make it easier and more affordable to get your pallet shipments transported.

We Match Your Pallets with the Best Carriers

When arranging your pallet transports, our freight teams use the latest technology which enables us to match your shipment with the best express freight carriers. Our systems also enable us to easily seek out express carriers with the most affordable rates.

We Enable You to Shop As Many Pallet Bulks As You Need

Do you need an entire shipment delivered or do you only need to send one single pallet load? Well, we can take care of your needs either way. Our freight workers will match you up with carriers that have the exactly needed space available. This saves a huge amount of money because the shipment is combined and you don’t have to pay nearly as much to get your small freight shipped than you would for a big freight. Our rates are tailored to suit your exact need.

We Can Go the Distance

Freight People have established networks across Australia. This enables us to not only send your shipment wherever you need but also to provide you with the best possible rate. This is a huge benefit to all of our customers since sending pallet loads across long distances can get pretty expensive.

We Analyse Your Freight Cost Before We Send

If you absolutely need to stay in the budget then Freight People is the right freight company to trust. Before providing you with a rate, we will analyse your freight needs, and establish the exact cost of getting your items sent. You can check to see whether the amount falls within your budget or not and there will be no hidden costs or unexpected surprises because we know exactly what we are dealing with in the freight industry.

We Negotiate the Cheapest Pallet Transport Rates

Freight People handle all freight negotiations on your behalf.  We are often negotiating rates with carriers, warehousing, and other freight workers and our extensive relationships with these individual companies’ results in terrific discounted rates. Our freight workers are constantly hard at work trying to negotiate the lowest possible freight rates.

We Make It Easy To Keep Track Of Your Pallet Goods

We use the latest innovative technology for all of our freights. These systems enable you and carrier to real-time book loads and destinations. Our freight managers and customers can instantly see exactly where their pallets are and can get a much more realistic idea of the expected delivery time and date.

Pay Single Reconciled Invoices

When you use our services you never have to pay multiple invoices for different carriers and freight workers. We reconcile your invoices and pay carriers on your behalf so you can save heaps of time on invoices and bills.

If you want the best, easiest and most affordable transportation for your pallet shipments then we invite you to give our services a try right now.