How We Ensure the Safety of Your Freight

Getting your products transported is often risky. There are quite a few things that can go wrong when different people are handling your cargo. Road safety is one of the biggest factors that can affect your deliveries and then you still need to be wary of cargo theft, lost items, damages as well as the possibility of delayed deliveries.

At Freight People we do our best to ensure the safety of your freight and to reduce the chances of your products getting lost, stolen or damaged to a bare minimum. Here are just a few of the many steps we take to keep your freight as safe and secure as possible.

We Use Trusted Carriers

Most freight companies choose carriers that offer the lowest freight rates. This can make a huge difference in your transportation fees but isn’t worth it in the long run because cheap carriers are often unreliable and the chance of finding a cheap carrier with cargo insurance is pretty slim. At Freight People we only use highly recommended carriers that we know well and trust. Our teams are also constantly investigating our carriers to ensure that they use the best transportation vehicles, are fully insured and to ensure that they take the needed precautions to secure goods in transition. The trusted carriers we use significantly reduce the chances of cargo theft and lost or damaged goods.

We Keep Cargo Moving

When cargo goes into storage or warehousing the chances of lost goods and theft becomes a lot higher. At Freight People we do our very best to keep cargo moving so items can stay secure and so our customers can enjoy speedy deliveries.

We Use Leading Technology

Our modern tech systems enable us to view real-time bookings, consigning, manifesting and tracking. The software offers comprehensive reporting options and enables us to manage multiple carriers through a single portal. The leading technology we use significantly reduces the chances of lost goods and eases communication with both carriers and customers.

Professional Carrier Management

Our company has extensive experience in freight negotiations and is constantly keeping an eye on all goods in transition while making security arrangements with regards to freight activities.

We Offer Independent Advice

Want to learn about the best ways to keep your cargo safe? Perhaps you need some advice on the most secure packaging materials or methods? With more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, you can bet that we can offer you the best possible security and product safety advice.

We Have a Vast And Secure Network

At Freight People we have been developing our networks for more than 30 years and work alongside various companies, carriers, warehouses and more for quite a long time. Over time we have realized exactly who to trust and what type of hazards to avoid in the logistics industry. This enables us to secure your freight across Australia.

We Use a Freightsafe Warranty

With our FreightSafe warranty in place, all of our customer’s consignments are covered the moment these items are trusted in our care (unless the customer has opted out of the FreightSafe program). Our warranty ensures the protection of your goods in transport until these items reach their end destination. This warranty is administered by a 3rd party company that has 17 years’ experience in the freight industry and, as such, ensures that nothing goes uninsured.

Quick Delivery Times

Plenty of businesses rely on a speedy delivery rate in order to keep their business name positive and to maintain satisfied customers. We realise all too well just how dangerous constantly delayed shipments can be to your reputation and that is exactly why Freight People analyse the best solutions and freight methods to ensure that your products are delivered on time.

As you can see, we do quite a lot to ensure the safety of your freight and the security steps we take at Freight People is exactly why so many businesses choose our freight company for all of their transportation needs.