How Trains Use & Rely on Pallets

Throughout Australia, trains are considered one of the most reliable and affordable modes of transportation - the transportation of goods and products that is! You know all trains are massive behemoths of machines, so they can quickly move large quantities of goods at once.

What helps this quick process is the use of pallets in trains. You would be surprised at how transportation companies rely on pallets, so to provide you with a deeper insight into how pallets work within the train system, we have the best bits of information:

What Are The Standard Sizes Of Train Pallets?

Pallets used in Australia are different in size compared to international pallets. The Australian Standard Pallet comes in a size of 1165 mm×1165 mm. Although in 2002 there was a report suggesting changing the size to 1200×1000 mm to match with international ISO standards, it didn’t push ahead.

Why Keep With The Same Size?

The reason for not changing was due to the Australian pallet standard size being designed for the RACE (Railways of Australia Container Express) container. By being able to tightly fit two pallets side-by-side in a RACE container, as well as one container holding 20 pallets on two levels, this ensured freight brokers and transportation companies were able to transport goods in large qualities throughout Australia efficiently. These pallets deliver a significant amount of benefits regarding affordability and effectiveness.

Can You Elaborate On These Benefits?

The most notable benefit associated with usage of pallets in the train system is due to the maximisation of space utilisation. When placed on pallets, transport companies can arrange your goods to take the shape of the pallet beneath and can then store them without wasting space inside the trains. This is a great benefit when you need to transport large amounts of your product, saving you money in the long run.

The use of pallets on trains ensures that you have a more efficient handling and moving process. Goods can be easily moved here and there using pallet jacks and trucks. Plenty of time will be saved for everyone involved: the freight broker, the transport company, and your business.

The final benefit is the safety of the goods. When placed on the pallets, goods don’t touch the ground, and there is no chance for products to get contaminated with potential dampness, as well as no collisions will take place when the goods are moved. Besides, when handling the products using forklifts, pallets assure that the forks don’t touch the packages. Also, the packages will stay as a single unit when placed on pallets and therefore they will not scatter around.

Who Can We Speak To About Transporting Our Goods By Train?

You can speak to the experts here at Freight Brokers Australia. We will provide you with the complete service so that your goods can be transported throughout Australia in an effective and efficient manner. Contact Freight Brokers Australia today!