How is Digitalisation Changing Smart Logistics?

Technologically, we live in a far different world today than even decades ago. In the world of logistics and freight management, digitalisation is driving change and innovation forward and increasing both the quality and reliability of deliveries to the point that it’s no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity for doing business. That’s why at Freight People, we pride ourselves on using modern digital solutions to provide reliable, quality freight management solutions for clients. Here are some novel ways that digitalisation is changing the world of smart logistics:

Meeting Customer Demand

No matter whether you’re a B2B or B2C-based business, customers are becoming accustomed to an increasingly digitalised world in which overnight delivery and less expensive deliveries are now expected from most businesses. How do you fulfil your orders? In essence, customers are now accustomed to clicking and ordering goods in a matter of minutes, day or night, and receiving the product in short order. If competitors are able to keep up with customers, then so should you. With smart logistics in place for freight management providers, you can take advantage of this shift in customer demand by providing delivery options that are measurably consistent and reliable. This in turns boosts customer confidence and satisfaction.

Streamlining Collaborative Processes

Supply chain management strategies should always include methods to form strong collaborative partnerships with suppliers and downstream on the supply chain, all the way down to the end product on store shelves. Smart logistics aids in the process of collaboration by taking warehouse and inventory data and using real-time WMS to relay important information to freight forwarders and suppliers. Why trust these people with potentially private company data? It’s simple, really. Entrusting stakeholders with production data allows everyone involved to provide deliveries of the right type, quantity, and in a timely manner. Furthermore, freight management providers such as Freight People use digital technologies to provide real-time information on fleet movement, allowing you to know exactly where your freight is and when it’s due to arrive.

Maintaining Steady Business Metrics

Any good business strategy should involve measurable, quantifiable data in order to remain competitive. That means, in today’s digital age, lots and lots of spreadsheets and software packages such as SAP to keep tabs on all business activities. Strategic planning is made all the easier with digital solutions from logistics and supply chain value creation activities since freight management can now be reliably measured for metrics such as: Cycle times, such as cash-to-cash cycles and production cycle times; Shipment times, including on-time deliveries, cost evaluation, and landed product cost calculations; Quality control metrics such as defective product identification and packaging quality problems, if present. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for determining which KPIs your business is strategically more invested in and which are not as relevant. That means parsing through data and reporting on KPIs that are not only relevant but also quantifiable and available. Smart logistics solutions allow you to fine-tune strategic business choices with confidence.

Choose Freight People

Boost your business profitability, competitiveness, and increase customer satisfaction, collaboration, and measure business metrics with a smart logistics solution for freight management such as Freight People. It’s in our name. We handle your freight, and we’re definitely people-oriented. That means you’ll get friendly yet professional service, but you’ll also have access to an innovative freight management provider that understands the benefits of digitalisation in the increasingly competitive world of logistics.