Fact Sheet - Missing Freight

Sometimes freight goes missing.
If it does, here’s what you need to do.

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What do I do if I become aware of missing freight?

The first step is to confirm directly with the receiver that they have definitely not received the goods.
You can do this, or one of our team members can do it for you.
Once you’ve confirmed that the freight is missing, Freight People will open an investigation.

What information does Freight People need to open a missing freight investigation?

We will conduct a missing freight investigation on your behalf.

To do this, we will need as much information about the freight as possible including:

  • Proof of Pickup
  • How many items of the consignment are missing
  • A description of the goods
  • A description of any special marking on the freight
  • An example photo of the freight (if you have one)

You can send this information to us at pickups@freightpeople.com.au.

How long does a missing freight investigation take?

Freight People will work with the carrier and attempt to resolve your investigation within 5 days.
Note that some carriers (such as TNT and Toll) have a 10-day investigation period.
If your freight cannot be located within this time frame, the investigation will be closed and the goods will be declared as lost.

What happens if my freight can’t be found?

If your freight can’t be found after an investigation, the next steps you should take are:

  1. Send a replacement consignment to the customer using the same carrier (if you haven’t already done so), and advise your customer that a replacement is on the way.
  2. If you are a Freight Safe customer, complete the Freight Safe Claim {https://claimform.freightsafe....} information, to make a warranty claim for lost freight.

And the next steps Freight People will take are:

  1. Update Cario with all the details relating to the missing consignment.
  2. Request a credit from the carrier for the missing freight transport charge.

Should I send a replacement consignment?

This is up to you.
If the shipment is urgent or important, then we recommend sending a replacement as soon as you know the consignment is missing.
If the consignment cannot be found after an investigation, then you will need to send a replacement to your customer

What if I send a replacement, and the original consignment is found?

If you send a replacement consignment and the original goods are found while it’s in transit to your customer, the original goods will still be sent to your customer. If you want to redirect this back to you instead, let Freight People know as soon as possible and they will try their best to have the replacement consignment returned to you.

How do I make an insurance claim for missing freight?

If you have taken up the FreightSafe warranty option on your freight, your freight is insured against loss.
To make a warranty claim for missing freight, you will need to complete the Freight Safe claim form.
Our team will ensure you are provided with all these details when you advise us of your missing freight issue.

How do I claim a credit from the carrier for missing freight and redelivery?

You don’t need to do anything. Freight People will ensure a credit request is placed with the carrier for the missing freight charge.
Please note that carrier claims only cover the transport charge. Your goods are only insured if you have taken out your own insurance for your goods, or you have a FreightSafe warranty option with us.