Fact Sheet - Invoicing

One of the best things about working with Freight People, is that you get one consolidated invoice for all your freight consignments. Here’s how it works.

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How does Freight People create my consolidated freight invoice?

Thanks to the power of Cario, every shipment you consign is tracked all in the one place, no matter which type of freight it is or which carrier you send it with.

When it comes time to invoice, our system automatically highlights discrepancies for each consignment, between the price you were quoted, and what the carrier has charged. Our team will cross check each carrier invoice with the shipments you’ve sent in Cario, and create a consolidated freight invoice for you.

Do you check that all the invoices are correct before you invoice us?


As part of creating your consolidated invoice, our team will check to make sure that each shipment has been invoiced correctly, including ensuring that:

  • The billed weight matches the sent weight
  • The charges and quantities are correct
  • There are no duplicate charges
  • And credits have been correctly applied to your account
  • Additional fees such as tail lift, redelivery and manual handling have all been correctly applied.

What happens if there’s mistakes on the carrier invoices?

You don’t need to worry about checking carrier invoices for mistakes.

Our system automatically highlights discrepancies between your rate cards and what the carrier charges. Our team cross checks the invoices with the consignments you’ve entered in Cario, and follows up any invoicing discrepancies with carriers on your behalf.

How often will we receive a Freight People invoice?

Freight People provide customers with a single, fully reconciled invoice across all your carriers on a weekly basis.

Who do we contact if we have questions about our invoice?

For any Account queries you can contact our accounts team, at accounts@freightpeople.com.au. You can also follow up queries with your Account Manager.

How often are carrier invoices incorrect?

Our analysis shows that between 4-5% of all freight carrier invoices are incorrect. Many of Freight People’s customers have made significant savings simply by having Freight People complete a full invoice reconciliation across their freight invoices each week.