Fact Sheet - Freight Warranty

At Freight People, our customer’s freight can be covered by a FreightSafe Warranty.
Here’s how it works.

What is the FreightSafe Warranty?

Even the best carriers in the industry can sometimes experience damaged or missing freight. Freight People's FreightSafe warranty is there to ensure you have some protection for your goods from pickup through to your end destination.

Why does our business need a Freight Warranty?

Australian freight carriers don’t provide insurance for the products they transport on your behalf.

So, unless you have your own marine insurance, if your freight is delayed, or stolen, your freight isn’t covered.

A Freight Warranty will cover your freight up to an agreed amount should something happen to it while it’s in transit.

You can also use your FreightSafe Warranty to cover the excess of your marine insurance. The process of making an insurance claim can also be challenging and time-consuming and a FreightSafe Warranty will provide support to take the process of making an insurance claim off your hands.

How does the FreightSafe Warranty work?

The warranty is covered by a small fee that’s applied to each consignment you send, and in the event that your freight is lost or damaged in transit, the warranty will pay you a single, fixed, agreed payment amount to cover your loss.

Once a FreightSafe Warranty is added to your Freight People account, all your consignments are automatically covered to that agreed amount.

How much does a FreightSafe Warranty Cost?

Depending on the value of your consignment, there are three levels of warranty cover to meet the level of value of your goods.

When you make a warranty claim, you’ll be paid up to that set amount for the damage or loss.

For exact pricing for your business, please get in touch with your Freight People Account Manager.

How do I make a FreightSafe Warranty Claim?

Warranties are administered by FreightSafe, a professional 3rd party provider who have been operating for over 17 years in the freight industry.

Claims can be made using a simple online claim form.

The Freight People team are also happy to assist you with making a warranty claim at any time.

How long does a claim take to process?

FreightSafe claims are settled quickly, usually within 7 business days of submitting your claim form.

Is a Freight Warranty good value for money?

For many businesses, freight insurance can become very expensive.

A freight warranty gives you a level of basic financial cover at a very low cost in comparison. FreightSafe is designed to provide this basic cover, or cover the premium you may have to pay with your marine insurance provider.

And while a freight warranty only pays out a claim to a capped dollar amount, it enables you to better spread the risk of damage or loss across all your consignments.

How is a Freight Warranty different to Freight Insurance?

Freight Insurance premiums can be expensive. In addition to your premium to cover a single consignment, or yearly premium, you’ll have to pay an excess if you need to make a claim.

If you deal in high value goods, have a single consignment you need peace of mind on, or you’re looking for flexibility on the level of cover for your freight, then freight insurance can be worth the investment.

You’ll want to choose a reputable insurance partner, check that your policy covers you appropriately based on the type of freight you send, and what the excess will be if you need to make a claim.

A warranty, like the one we offer at Freight People, is a great alternative that gives you broad coverage at a fixed payment level for a lower cost and no excess. A warranty can also be used in conjunction with freight insurance to help cover your excess.

You can find out more about the difference between Freight Insurance and Freight Warranties here.

What are some of the other benefits of a Freight Warranty?

There’s no excess

If you ship hundreds or thousands of consignments each year, and one of them happens to be in the 1 – 2% that go missing or are damaged, then you’ll be able to recoup some of your financial loss, without having to pay an excess.

It can pay your Freight Insurance Excess

You can use your freight warranty in conjunction with your freight insurance. If you take out freight insurance on a consignment and you need to make a claim, you’ll have to pay an excess. Your freight warranty payment can be used to cover this cost.

It dramatically reduces claim processing time

Online reporting, process tracking systems and dedicated claim managers mean FreightSafe get claims processed more quickly.

You’ll get access to a Conflict Resolution Specialist

In the event that you do need to make a claim, you won’t have to struggle with insurance company investigations. FreightSafe staff are trained in conflict resolution and will handle all required insurance company interactions on your behalf.

Have more questions about the FreightSafe Freight Warranty?

Our experienced team are here to help.

If you’d like to know more about freight warranties, or check to make sure your freight is covered, get in touch with your Freight People Account Manager.

Terms & Conditions

All FreightSafe claims are subject to our terms and conditions.