Courier Qualities We Consider When Selecting Our Carriers

At Freight People, we don’t take the process of selecting our carriers lightly. We know that our customers put their businesses in our hands because, in the end, a successful business is all about keeping your customers happy with on-time deliveries. The carrier is one of the most critical components of a well-functioning freight company, and the success of our customer’s businesses relies on the type of carriers we choose to use.

To get products distributed to your customers or down your supply chain, we use many different carriers depending on how far your products need to be distributed. Working with a number of carriers can be hard and confusing, which is exactly why Freight People do plenty of research before trusting our valuable cargo and our company’s reputation in the hands of these carriers. Here are the courier qualities we consider when selecting our carriers.

Carrier Product Compatibility

One of the very first things we consider when selecting our carriers is the carrier product compatibility. Carriers need to be equipped to handle the type of items our customers need to transport. For example, carriers with cooling facilities will be selected for product distribution, and large capacity carriers are required for especially large shipments. Some carriers cannot safely transport particularly fragile and expensive items. Only the best carriers with the right compatibility are considered for transporting our items.


Carrier location is also very important. We cannot select a carrier that is located in the opposite direction of where our items need to be shipped, and carriers that can transport items the farthest will receive higher consideration.


The reputation of a carrier is incredibly important. We won’t use carriers with a reputation for being late with deliveries or carriers with a tendency to mix up our client’s products. Only highly reputable carriers with extensive experience and great service are included in our networks.

Carrier Capabilities

Carriers with more capabilities such as higher quality crates and pallets, on and offloading machinery, good quality trucks, and reliable drivers are preferred because these carriers are the ones who are going to get products delivered without damage.


Carriers need to be available or their businesses should be big enough to ensure availability. Their drivers should also be able to transport items as quickly as possible. Fast carriers with good success rates are preferred even if they might be more expensive.>

Tracking Services

It is always ideal to find a carrier with good tracking services. As a freight company, we constantly need to supply our customers with details on the whereabouts of their packages. It also makes it much easier to plan ahead, monitor the package as it is shipped, and to make the needed arrangements when it comes to warehousing or making the switch to a different carrier or transportation mode.


Carriers have the most risk in the freight industry. All sorts of obstacles such as road accidents, breakdowns, sick days, and more can affect customer packages as well as delivery dates. In order to give our customers extra peace of mind, we encourage our customers to take out insurance - but by using reputable carriers, there is less risk of damage or loss. .


Pricing is not the most important characteristic of a good carrier. Reliability and timely deliveries are much more important, and at Freight People, we would prefer to spend more on quality and trusted carriers than risk our goods. Carrier rates must still be fair so we can provide our customers with the most cost effective transportation rates for their goods.

As you can see, quite a lot of research and consideration goes into selecting the best carriers for our networks. The quality of our carriers is exactly what ensures high-quality service and great functionality from Freight People.