Case Study: GC Brands

GC Brands finds their perfect freight fit with our unrivalled service, systems and integration capabilities.

Industry: Retail / Confectionery
Working with Freight People makes you feel like you’re part of their team, and they are a part of our team. Nothing is too much of a hassle, whether we’re getting quotes on pricing, or if we feel like a certain carrier isn’t the right fit, they’re always willing to look at different options for us and give us feedback for the best service.
Kathryn Carey, Customer Relations Manager, GC Brands


After a brief time away, GC Brands returned as a Freight People customer. Unable to find a carrier that ticked all boxes - responsive service, attractive pricing and the ability to match technology and integration capabilities with the complexity of distribution - GC Brands recognised that our combination of powerful technology and superior customer service is unique.


  • TECHNOLOGY – Integration between Pronto, their ERP system, and their warehouse partner, The Consortium Clemenger (TCC), who use Order Management System, S2.
  • CUSTOMISED – Sending to some of Australia’s largest supermarkets requires a customised solution to ensure delivery in allocated timeslots with precise adherence.
  • EFFICIENT – We were able to get their carriers integrated and set-up within two weeks, streamlining their carrier offerings and providing significant automation capabilities.
  • COST – Returning to Freight People saw GC Brands save 25%, compared to their previous broker. The addition of meaningful automation and unrivalled customer service have seen them make further savings in time and costs.

Some of the issues we’ve had with other transport companies are: lack of communication, waiting over a week to receive PODs, late deliveries and not meeting their bookings. With Freight People we have communication back to us within 20 minutes on any orders or questions, our PODs are there for us to see as soon as the items are delivered, and if we have any issues, someone is there to help us straight away.

Kathryn Carey, Customer Relations Manager, GC Brands


Integration is a large part of the success behind GC Brands seamless supply chain processes. Today, GC Brands and Freight People are fine-tuning their warehouse system integration.

What's Next:

  • Tighter integration between GC, their 3PL, and Freight People, fostering improved collaboration.
  • Enhanced data flow throughout the process will enable real-time insights and better customer experiences.
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications will feature photos of freight leaving the warehouse and real-time tracking for crucial shipments.
  • Business Intelligence reporting will provide deeper insights and real-time alerts, aiding cost-to-serve analysis and freight-to-revenue metrics.
  • Proactive alerts for high-value consignments will be implemented before leaving the 3PL warehouse.
  • Expand delivery partner integrations, offering diverse delivery options, including 2-hour deliveries for major metro and convenient receiver locations.
If you have deliveries with timeslots that need to be met, or fragile and deadweight heavy products that need to be moved at the right pricing from the right partner - Freight People are there to make sure you’re getting the right costs and charges on delivering those articles, with the knowledge that they will be delivered in the same state as they left your warehouse.
Kathryn Carey, Customer Relations Manager, GC Brands