8 Tips to Help You Reduce Your Packaging Costs

Keeping your business expenses at a bare minimum is an ongoing challenge for any company. There are many strategies that you can use to cut back on operational costs, and product packaging is usually one of the areas that most businesses first evaluate when it is time to reduce company costs. Quality packaging isn’t cheap. It is incredibly costly to get all of your packaging customised, and good quality packaging that best suits your products and offers the most protection against impacts can cost quite a lot.

Here are a few of the top things you can do that can help you save some money on your packaging.

Use a Trusted Freight Company

Before you start tweaking your packaging materials and methods, the first thing you should do is switch over to a quality freight company. At Freight People, we deliver across Australia and our extensive network enables us to transport items at incredibly affordable rates. By switching over to Freight People, you could end up saving so much money on transportation that there might not even be a need to change your packaging. Our delivery methods are also incredibly safe, which means your items will be delivered damage-free.

Research Your Packaging Options

Research is always a good place to start. Do some research on all of the best packaging options available. Find out about the latest packaging methods, materials, and designs. You could stumble across a new and innovative method of packaging items that can save you time and money. While you are considering new packaging solutions, you should keep the following in mind:

  • New packaging should still be durable in order to offer protection for your products.
  • The packaging should offer protection against the environment and pests.
  • New packaging materials should be easy to handle.
  • The design should still be appealing.
  • New packaging should comply with government regulations.

Reconsider Your Product

If your product isn’t particularly fragile, then there might not be a need for you to go overboard with protective packaging. For sturdy items, you could very well get away with a much thinner and more affordable packaging type. 

Maximise Packaging Functionality

Packaging that is too big could be costing you a fortune. Invest in packaging that fits your product perfectly so you can save money.

Use Lightweight Materials

Lighter packaging materials can help you save a lot of money because the weight and package dimensions are considered when the transportation price is calculated. Switch over to the lightest yet most secure packaging materials you can find so you can reduce packaging weight and cut back on costs.

Consider Green Packaging Solutions

Green packaging solutions are not always cheapest, but this type of packaging is much better for the environment. Look for natural products that are biodegradable, and you might just stumble across something much more affordable.

Mind Your Graphics

Sure, you want your packages to look great and to create brand awareness, but the printing of packaging materials costs a lot. An easy way to cut back on these costs is by switching over to a simpler design that doesn’t require as much ink for printing.

Consider the All-Natural Look

All-natural cardboard packaging is trendy right now, especially if you add a few professional graphical touches. This type of packaging is all about embracing natural shades of paper and reducing printing in order to cut back on printing expenses.

For more tips and tricks on methods that could save you money on packaging or transportation, you should contact Freight People. We would love to hear from you and are always looking for ways to help you keep transportation and packaging costs as low as possible.