7 Things You Should Know About Freightsafe Warranties

When you choose the best freight company to transport your expensive goods on dangerous roads across the country, one of the first things you should have a look at is their insurance policies.

Good freight companies have extended insurance that can cover all products and goods in their care. If anything bad happens on the road such as vehicle accidents, cargo theft or shipment delays, the insurance company will reimburse businesses for any losses or damages of goods, up to the amount insured, which were affected whilst in the hands of the freight company.

But just because a freight company offers insurance doesn’t always mean that your claims will be easy. The process of claiming insurance is often very challenging and time-consuming. Leading freight companies like Freight People understand just how hard it can be to manage insurance claims and related problems. That is exactly why they incorporate a third-party claims administrator to help ease and hasten insurance claims.

If you haven’t heard of Freightsafe just yet then there are probably a few things you might want to know about this third party claims administrator.

Freightsafe Isn’t an Insurance Company

Logistics industries use Freightsafe to manage claims but the company isn’t an insurance firm. Their services ensure that all documentation is handled effectively, all processes are handled swiftly and they reduce the waiting time for any payouts for damaged cargo.

They Use Advanced Data Reporting And Analysis Systems

Freightsafe captures all data and information regarding claims and the process of these claims. Customers like Freight People that might put claims forward can easily log into a Freightsafes cloud-based tool to see exactly what steps have been taken and how long the process is expected to take.

They Offer Online Services

Freightsafe functions on cloud-based tools and they have lots of software such as KPI dashboards or Business Intelligence tools to give customers instant access to information about claims. Because everything is already logged and allocated virtually, their services are also perfectly compatible with online business conduct. There is no need for you to visit local Freightsafe offices. Simply log in or contact via email to get all of your insurance claims processed.

You Get the Help of Conflict Resolution Specialist

If your freight gets damaged then you likely are not happy about it at all. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with annoying insurance companies that have lots of investigations. Freightsafe staff are trained in conflict resolution and will handle all emotional and upsetting interactions with insurance companies on your behalf.

They Are Highly Experienced

This third-party claims administrator has been taking charge of insurance claims and processes for over 17 years. The business also focuses on claims specifically why exactly why they are so highly advanced in these types of services.

They Reduce Claim Processing Periods Dramatically

Online reporting and process tracking systems enable these experts to get freight damage claims processed much quicker. Claim managers are constantly working hard to stay on top of claims so these payouts can happen quickly and accurately.

Freightsafe Is Used By Numerous Freight Industries

Lots of freight companies, industries, brokers and carriers use Freightsafe to process insurance claims because these claims are often so tiresome. The service comes highly recommended and is trusted by lots of businesses in the logistics industry so they, in return, can offer their customers the best service. Only the best freight companies use strategies such as third-party claim administrators to speed up the process. When you use a leading service like Freight People, you will also be able to enjoy speedy returns on any damages that might happen when cargo is in transition.