5 Ways to Lower Your Freight Broker Transportation Costs

Freight brokers do a pretty fantastic job at getting their customers the lowest possible transportation costs using reliable and secure freight carrier companies. However, they have no control over increasing fuel rates and inflation, which results in escalating transportation costs. It is quite challenging to keep up with low transportation and service fees when everything in the transportation industry is getting more expensive, especially when you want to continue to give customers a superior freight service. It is only natural to consider switching over to a cheaper transportation method but this can also end in disaster when your goods end up destroyed, damaged or late. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Instead of simply switching over to a cheaper transportation service you can look for other ways to manage your freight broker transportation costs. Here are 5 great ways for companies to keep their freight broker transportation costs in check;

Start Charging for Freight

A good way to control your freight broker transportation cost or to cut back on transportation and delivery services is to start charging your customers for freight services. You can decide to charge a full freight amount or only part of the freight services in order to reduce your own personal freight costs. Plenty of companies hide freight charges by increasing the cost of their actual product slightly. The increased rates are then used to cover freight charges, and customers are ok to pay a higher amount for the good, when the freight is lower.

Don’t Rush your Shipments

Express shipments are always a lot more expensive because freight and carrier companies often have to make special arrangements to get the shipment delivered on time or sooner. A good example is overnight delivery costs compared to standard delivery charges. If you stick to normal policies, standard delivery times and standard handling then you can save a lot of money on your freight broker transportation.

Freight Invoice Audits

A good freight broker will reconcile your freight invoices with your freight movements. Many companies lose a lot of money in this area because the invoice goes to the accounting division and additional or unexpected charges are never questioned. Freight brokers can manage this on your behalf.

Control Incoming Freight

Investigate your incoming freight. Find out how much they charge you for delivery services and start monitoring delivery dates. If you could use this resource to get goods transported back to customers in different regions then you can also save lots of money on freight broker transportation costs. There are lots of ways to save money when it comes to transportation costs but many of the money saving methods are quite time consuming. The best way to keep freight broker transportation costs as low as possible is by sticking to a reputable and large freight broker like Freight Broker Australia. Larger freight brokers have more connections, more incoming and outgoing shipments and they can negotiate or get you the best possible transportation rates without putting your cargo at risk.