3 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Freight Management

The customer may not always be right, but failing to understand and meet the needs of your customers rarely ends well for a business looking to be profitable and successful. Supply chain management strategies must, therefore, bear customer satisfaction in mind since the supply chain affects many aspects of value creation that directly impacts customers. Stanford University professor Hau Lee outlined three aspects that are critical to developing a successful supply chain strategy in his Triple A approach. Successful supply chains combine the elements of agility, adaptability, and alignment with suppliers and customers downstream in the supply chain. These three As are all well and good to boost KPIs and streamline supply chain activities, but one must not neglect the demands of customers in the real world today. When it comes to customer satisfaction, however, there are some practical and effective solutions centred on freight management and supply chain management strategies that you can take to see your business succeed and thrive where others may fail. Here are three ways to boost customer satisfaction with freight management:

1. Choose Smart Logistics

Digitalisation is affecting our daily lives by giving us access to data analytics and information on everything from fitness tracking bracelets counting our daily steps to organising optimal routes and multimodal logistics across Australia and worldwide. Technology is driving the new wave of freight management industries worldwide, so don’t choose a company that cannot adapt to these technological innovations and use them intelligently. By choosing a freight management company that implements smart logistics, your customers will, in turn, be able to receive deliveries as anticipated and in more cost-effective and efficient ways. Parcel tracking, real-time fleet locations, and estimated arrival times at warehouses, distributors, and retailers are all essential tools that can help you plan, measure, and improve business activities to better serve customers.

2. Improve Relations with Freight Management Companies

Hau Lee’s third A, alignment, suggests that companies stand to benefit by negotiating and working closely with suppliers and logistics providers in order to align the interests of all involved parties. Naturally, a better relationship with your freight management company can help to reduce mis-communications and to ensure a smoother flow of goods, services, and real-time data between them, thus reducing the Bullwhip effect. Customers ultimately feel the effects of a well-functioning, aligned supply chain due to more reliable deliveries, a better estimation of order processing times, and less worry that the freight management company will fail to provide the product they paid for.

3. Improve Delivery Time and Delivery Reliability

In the world of e-commerce and next day deliveries (e.g. Amazon Prime), customers have become accustomed to quick and reliable deliveries. Unfortunately, these types of promises aren’t always fulfilled and can lead to a damaged reputation over time. Those companies that are able to reduce delivery time and increase reliability have thus been able to garner greater customer loyalty and a better customer satisfaction rating than competitors that have dropped the ball too many times. Deliveries don’t have to be instantaneous, however. Reductions in delivery times, even if marginally small, can lead to greater customer satisfaction. Don’t take your chances with freight management companies that can’t provide reliable, timely deliveries.

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