10 Things You Might Not Know About Freight People

Are you looking for a good freight company to handle your deliveries? It is always good to find out everything there is to know about a logistics company before you decide to make use of their services. Freight People is a leading freight company in Australia and is an excellent pick for your business or for individual deliveries. If you haven’t given our services a try just yet then you might have a lot of questions. Here are 10 things worth knowing about our company and services.

We Have Over 30 Years’ Experience

Freight People were established in 1987. Our company has grown significantly since the startup phase and is now a flourishing business that uses innovative technology and simplified freight systems in order to help customers enjoy the best possible experience while sending their goods across the country.

We Use Market-Leading Reporting Solutions

One of the biggest reasons customers love our services is because of our leading reporting solutions. Customers proactively receive alerts on any changes or on the whereabouts of their cargo. Our modern reporting systems make it easy to track consignments, to stay up to date on expected delivery dates and instantly inform customers of any changes such as delays.

We Offer Friendly Service

Our team consists of enthusiastic and passionate members that are committed to new ideas and eager to reach out and connect with customers. We strive to deliver personalised services and all of our employees and members are friendly and welcoming.

Real-Time Reporting and Booking Available

Our single technology system includes various real-time functions for bookings, load consigning, manifesting and tracking. This gives senders and receivers valuable information on the exact whereabouts of products.

Our Invoices Are Consolidated

With us, you will receive a single consolidated invoice. This can help save businesses a lot of time on making small payments to everyone that assists in the transporting of cargo.

We Have Networks across Australia

Over the years, we have carved and established deep networks with transportation companies across Australia. Our customers can request delivery services in all parts of the country.

We Partner with FreightSafe to Insure Consignments

A FreightSafe warranty (optional service) provides our customers with great peace of mind. FreightSafe have been operating in the freight industry for over 17 years and offers protection for goods in transit until the moment they are delivered to a specific destination. With this warranty provider, all claims are settled quickly and all consignments can be automatically covered (if you choose).

We Constantly Upgrade Our Freight Management Systems

Our freight management systems are constantly being upgraded to the latest technology. This doesn’t just keep us ahead of our customers; it also ensures that our customers enjoy the best treatment and services currently available.

We Offer Pallet Transport in Melbourne

Interstate pallet transportation is available in Melbourne for all importing and exporting products. We have the right tools to ease this challenging process and will ensure that you enjoy the lowest transport rate while your pallet shipments are in transition. Our company is a superb pick whether you are looking to send a single or a whole load of pallets products.

Customisable Logistics Solutions

Your products are not the same as every customer that make use of our services so why should your logistics plan be? At Freight People we work with you to establish a customised transportation plan that suits both your business and the type of products you have in transition. Want to learn even more about Freight People and how we can help you with your logistics management? Give the team a call today, tell us about you and your business and we can talk more about what suitable services are available to you.