Measure your Carbon Footprint

With legislative changes mandating carbon reporting for almost every organisation come 2027, the impact to our customers who have large freight requirements will be significant. Our Freight Carbon Calculator has been years in the making; our development team started working closely with Swinburne University PhD students in 2020 and there has been significant investment since then making the calculator what it is today.

You receive a highly accurate carbon measurement tool for measuring freight impact.

This offer is a complimentary Carbon Footprint report showing the impact of your freight:

  • Share your freight data (any time period)
  • Our team will prepare the data and process your carbon analysis through the calculator*
  • Your emissions evaluation will include environmental impact and offset calculations.

If your organisation has carbon reporting requirements, or soon will have, the Cario calculator is what you’ll need to accurately measure – and reduce – the environmental impact of your freight.

*Our calculator has been developed as part of the Cario Freight Management System.