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Freight People is a new class of enterprise freight broker bringing technology, data, people and innovation together to transform enterprise freight management.

Traditional freight brokers are one-dimensional, focused on sourcing carriers and contracts to try and lower freight costs. However, as organisations quickly discover, these attempts are impacted by the law of diminishing returns when cost savings become difficult to deliver over time.

Freight People is different. We transform and continually optimise your enterprise freight operations through our proactive management and extensive expertise in solving freight challenges that others baulk at.

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Better integration between freight, warehousing and ERP systems so that the right data is shared and available in analytics dashboards and finance reports to the right business units. This supports advanced problem-solving and decision-making.

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Careful use of AI and automation to eliminate time-consuming manual processes that add unnecessary delays and costs to your logistics supply chain. This frees up staff to provide better customer service, turning your freight operations into a business differentiator.

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The use of the latest, Australian-developed and operated freight management systems and mobile tracking tools to optimise multi-carrier operations for unparalleled ease of operations.

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Sophisticated carbon footprint tracking of end-to-end freight operations to support carbon reduction initiatives.

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A team of freight professionals bringing a human touch to support innovation, transformation and provide unrivalled customer service.

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1. Freight Operations Support

When you work with Freight People, you have a single point of contact, supported by an expert team. One phone number, one invoice and one system, regardless of which carrier you use. We can help with whatever you need, such as tracking lost goods, setting up new carrier relationships, or providing support for our freight management software.

Our team are an extension of your team, helping transform your enterprise freight operations.

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2. Technology Integration

Working with multiple carriers may help you meet all your freight management needs, but you don’t want this to result in increased internal complexity with multiple systems, multiple invoices or manual reconciliation with your ERP and accounting systems.

You need a technology-based approach to make this all work, and with Freight People, we provide you with Cario, one of the best end-to-end cloud-based freight management systems in the market. Fully developed in Australia to meet specific industry and accounting requirements, Cario is a key differentiator when working with Freight People.

Our integration technology specialists can also help you integrate Cario with your ERP or accounting systems. This means:

  • your salespeople can get real-time quotes on freight themselves
  • customer support teams can ensure accurate freight tracking on all deliveries regardless of the carrier used
  • your finance team will always have business data for optimising freight costs
  • your management team can get business analytics reports for overall logistics planning.

3. Freight Automation & Optimisation

With a technology-based approach, all your transactional and interactional data will be consolidated in one place, which opens up numerous possibilities for analysis and optimisation.

Data can also form the basis for new automation capabilities for repetitive tasks, alerts, and data flows, allowing you to scale your freight operations and reduce risk without adding more people.

With our Freight Optimisation Workshop for new customers, plus ongoing health checks and efficiency reports, we can find ways to improve your freight outcomes. In addition, once you are set up, our freight management software will continue to make improvement recommendations based on the data captured.


4. Carbon Footprint Analysis & Sustainability

With sustainability initiatives top of mind in enterprise organisations, measuring the carbon cost of your freight operations is the first step in being able to optimise and reduce it.

Using the data within our Freight Management System, Cario, our powerful calculator accurately measures the gross emissions of your multifaceted freight operations and recommends offsets to help your organisation make a positive impact on the environment. This can be extended to our Transport Management Software, Cario Connect, for your own fleet.

  • Visualise carbon insights via reports and dashboards
  • Leverage freight data for cleaner, more efficient logistics
  • Ensure compliance and embrace sustainability initiatives

How the Cario Freight Carbon Calculator works


Share your freight data

Provide us with one month of your raw freight data, including pick-up and delivery locations, transport modes, service type, cubic dimensions, and weight of the items.


Intelligent carbon analysis

Our sophisticated algorithm analyses the data, taking into account various factors to calculate your Scope 3 carbon emissions in kilograms, or Scope 1 if you run your own fleet.


Offset calculation

Based on the calculated emissions, the Cario Freight Carbon Calculators shows how much Co2 is emitted by each vehicle type, given size and the portion of the load, and determines what is required to offset your impact.

Case Study:

Dandenong Distributor Centre

We used the Cario Freight Carbon Calculator to measure the carbon emissions of a single-day freight volume from their Dandenong hub to multiple state warehouses.

500kg pallets to Perth via railx7
500kg pallets to Sydney via roadx14
6kg parcels to Brisbane via airx4

Total Carbon emitted:832.71kg
Trees planted to offset this freight emission:32 trees

Note: This example is simplified for demonstration purposes


5. Multi Carrier Management – redefining the role of a Freight Broker

Most businesses send a range of products to various locations, requiring different services. There isn’t one freight carrier in Australia that can do all of this well. Different freight carriers have different strengths in either regions, services or freight profiles. The hard part is knowing who to use for what, where and when.

Having access to multiple carriers at any time allows you to choose the right option for the right goods without the need to compromise - but managing carrier relationships, negotiating carrier rates, and holding them accountable for their performance can consume hours of your time.

Freight People can also manage traditional freight broker services and with our group buying power, we can ensure you’re getting the best possible rates.

We currently have over 300 carrier relationships (including all the leading freight carriers) in Australia that we proactively maintain so that if their requirements, rates or terms & conditions change, our system is automatically updated. We also regularly add new carriers based on client requests to ensure maximum coverage of the Australian freight industry.

Let Freight People do the work for you while you focus on your business.

Key Benefits of Working with Freight People

Bring consistency and measurability complex freight management operations

  • Eliminate warehousing data entry errors through real-time alerts based on customisable trigger levels, such as abnormal consignment costs.
  • Rules-based selection of the right freight carrier for the right goods, eliminating ad-hoc or biased decisions.
  • A single itemised, consolidated invoice regardless of the number of freight carriers or types of freight you use. This data can also flow automatically into your ERP system.

Optimise the efficiency of freight operations

  • Give sales teams real-time pricing and carrier choice based on data.
  • Reduce customer service enquiries through self-service portals, live data and automated “Proof of Delivery” events.
  • Use our dedicated team of freight professionals to answer your questions, manage carrier relationships and performance.

Obtain support for sustainability initiatives

  • Measure the carbon footprint of your end-to-end freight operations.
  • Provide the reporting tools to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.
  • Utilise carbon emissions information from our Transport Management System for your legislated reporting requirements.

Expose the underlying data behind one of the largest costs on your P&L – freight spend

  • Implement a single freight management system, operated and supported by Freight People that can be integrated with your ERP and/or warehouse management systems.
  • Utilise built-in business intelligence tools or your ERP financial analysis capabilities to identify areas of optimisation in costs, labour, delivery performance and customer satisfaction.
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Our Customers

When we talk about transforming enterprise freight management, it’s not just a tagline - it’s a commitment to continuous innovation and measurable improvements that we’re incredibly passionate about. It requires time and a deep understanding of our clients’ business, their freight challenges and the best ways we can bring our experience, technology and people together to deliver measurable benefits and outcomes that weren’t possible before.

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