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What is Regional Freight?

If your business has a medium to large volume of freight delivery into the regional areas of Australia, then it makes sense to include regional carriers in your freight solution.

Many regional carriers are on-forwarders for major Australian freight companies. If you’re using a larger carrier to service your regional freight, it can be difficult to maintain control over your service level. And if you’re trying to manage individual freight carriers yourself, this means maintaining dozens of individual account manager relationships.

Take back control, reduce the burden and improve your regional freight service.

The best way to manage regional freight carriers, is with Freight People.

Regional freight

Regional Freight Serviceability

It’s no secret that Australia is a BIG place. This means that some regional areas are only serviced for freight twice a week, or maybe less. For some services, you can’t say you’ll deliver a parcel in 24 hours, because it simply can’t be done.

Having an understanding of delivery timeframes and how regional freight services work, is essential to managing customer expectations.

Regional Freight Market Knowledge

Every regional area and regional carrier are different and there can be a lot of coordination involved to ensure that delivery goes smoothly.

To get the most out of your regional freight, you need to know how it all works. Northern New South Wales, is very different to Southern Victoria.

Maintaining Strong Carrier Relationships

Maintaining strong carrier relationships is essential in regional freight to ensure that your service level remains high.

In some regions of Australia, there’s only one local freight carrier and everyone uses them. Sometimes you’re building a relationship not with a company, but with the person who drives the truck.

On-Forwarding vs Going Direct

Some businesses choose to manage their regional freight through a larger carrier, that then on-forwards regional freight to regional carriers in order to complete last mile delivery. This option outsources the relationship management of regional carriers to the larger carrier, but you lose control of your freight and pay a premium for the service.

If you want to maintain control, another option is to manage the regional freight carrier relationships yourself. But this means managing each account, with a different account manager, placing a burden on your team.

And, if you want the best of both worlds, then you should partner with Freight People.

How Does Regional Freight Work?

Regional freight requires specialist knowledge. Every company’s requirements will be unique, and we focus on providing a personalised service that delivers high serviceability. 

Our freight management technology Cario, allows you to manage your regional freight service along with your metro freight on one platform.

And our experienced team will apply their knowledge to find the best regional freight solutions so you can get the most out of the Australian regional freight network and use it to your advantage.

Trust Freight People For Your Regional Freight Services

Why our customers love to work with us.

Leading technology op


As one of the first freight brokers in Australia, we’ve got experience and trust that you can only get from more than 30 years in the business of freight.

We’ve spent years building our relationships and knowledge in the freight industry and work with a broad range of carriers, some of which choose to work exclusively with us.

Independent advice OP sml

Independent Advice

Because we don’t run our own fleet of transport vehicles, we can provide a completely independent and objective analysis of the optimal freight carrier mix for your needs.

End to end

End-to-end Carrier Management

When you choose Freight People, we manage everything for you. From finding the right mix of freight solutions to meet your needs, to ongoing measurement and data analysis so we can achieve optimal performance. We have extensive experience in freight negotiations and will even consolidate your freight invoices into a single, reconciled invoice covering your entire freight profile.


Freight Agility

Access to a single technology system enabling real-time booking, consigning, manifesting and tracking with multiple freight carriers through a single portal. This gives you a seamless experience with the ability to change carriers and freight service type within the one dashboard.

Big enough

Big enough to compete, small enough to care

At Freight People, we’re big enough to have the scale and buying power that gives you access to cost effective freight, but small enough that you’ll never become a number in our system. We’re passionate about customer service, and will work hard every day to deliver for your business.

If you’re ready for a more dynamic freight experience, get in touch with us today to find out how Freight People can partner with you to deliver a seamless supply chain solution.

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We’re Australian regional freight specialists and can help you deliver your freight anywhere in Australia, including Ballarat, Bendigo, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay, Northern New South Wales, Southern Victoria, Northern Territory, South-West Western Australia and the West Australian Pilbara region.

Other Freight Services We Offer

When you work with us, you get immediate access to our full suite of shipping options. Our complete freight offering allows your business to scale almost instantly as your needs grow.

From an envelope or truckload to a full containerload and everything in between, Freight People offer services across:

Reviewing and optimising all your carrier rates is one of the key benefits in working with Freight People so contact us today and let us find you a better deal.

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