Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Delivery Plan for Your Company

By now we are all fully aware of the impacts that vehicles and transportation have on the environment. The typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Driving a vehicle also consumes quite a lot of fuel and other fluids like water and oil. Basically, this means that more vehicles on the road mean higher levels of pollution and a greater demand for natural resources to create petroleum.

Businesses have some of the biggest effects on the environment. This is because all of your employees need to drive to and from work daily and all of your products need to be transported to their destination every day.

It is important for every company to do what they can to create a more sustainable delivery plan. Sustainable transportation solutions are not just healthier for the environment; these methods can also save your business a lot of money on transportation and deliveries. Here are a few good tips to help you create a sustainable delivery plan.

Consider Using a Freight Company

In most companies, timely deliveries are extremely important. It often isn’t possible for smaller companies to wait for enough orders to fill a truckload before sending out their shipment. As a result, these businesses often resolve to make many trips that aren’t just costly to the company but also affect the environment negatively.

Freight management companies are constantly delivering goods across the company for and to vast many businesses. When masses of businesses pitch in and get their goods shipped at the same time, the shipments are consolidated and fewer trips are required for getting goods delivered. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide production dramatically.

Businesses also benefit a great deal from these consolidated shipments because goods are delivered sooner and at a much more affordable price since shipments are shared.

Using a reliable Australian freight company also reduces the amount of paperwork required for getting goods shipped because these businesses use cloud-based systems to document and keep track of cargo instead of printing on paper.

Consider Your Packaging

Another huge way to create a more sustainable delivery plan is by focusing on the right packaging. A single package can be wrapped multiple times. The package usually contains the branded packaging of the business, followed by bubble wrap and other materials to secure the package. It will then be boxed or packaged in plastic bags that are addressed to the right destination. This is a lot of unnecessary materials that will end up in waste bins.

Using eco-friendly packaging solutions can make a huge difference in the environment. If you can, try to focus on packaging that fits your products just right. Tight-fitting packaging reduces the chances of damaged goods and fewer wrapping materials are required to secure the product inside the packaging. Another good technique is to use eco-friendly packaging materials, for example, renewable cardboard packaging opposed to plastic packaging.

Using the right materials can help reduce pollution, shows buyers that you care for the environment and can save you a lot of money on printing.

Become Data-Driven

In logistics industries, lots of processes are often required to ensure that goods are delivered to the right destination and to combat the chances of theft. These processes often result in a lot of printed paper that will eventually be discarded. If you are constantly sending out goods then you should consider creating a data-driven system to reduce paper and ink consumption in your company.

Choosing a sustainable delivery plan for your company isn’t just good for the environment. Sustainable industries like freight companies can save you a lot of money on your freight and can also increase customer satisfaction a great deal. Making this change in the environment also benefits your company.