Sending your Freight during Christmas...

Almost all industries seem to have increased demand, including toys, books, clothing, food, and outdoor supplies. This contributes to a large increase in the overall freight moving throughout the Australian logistics network. Freight carriers are all trying to move more product, on time, with only slightly increased resources available (such as drivers, and trucks). As a result, there can be an increase in issues with delayed, damaged or lost freight.

Plan early.
The best way to ensure your freight is delivered on time, is to plan early. Through timely planning we can lock in your freight early, ensuring your goods are delivered on time. For important consignments, we recommend allowing an extra day’s travel for the busy period, to avoid disappointment. 

Labelling, Labelling, Labelling!
One of the most common causes of delays and lost freight is labelling issues. Ensure your freight is clearly labelled, and stuck down correctly so it won’t come off during transit. For palletised freight, ensure there is a label on both sides of the pallet.

Ensure sender and receiver contact details are completed and correct.
Ensuring the sender and receiver contact details are completed in full correctly, increases the chances of your freight being delivered on time without issue. Freight carriers will often contact the receiver in case of any issues with delivery, so without this information your products can be held up in depots and delayed.

Ensure packaging is ‘travel ready’.
The correct packaging is critical particularly at this time of year, as the freight carriers have excess demand and can be more rushed than normal. Having your goods packaged correctly reduces the likelihood of any damages occurring. Where possible, triple and quadruple wrap heavy pallets.

Express freight 'Cheat Sheet'
Freight People have put together a cheat sheet on the latest cut off express times for freight companies, to help navigate the last days to get your products out for delivery around Australia. As Friday the 22nd December will be a short day, we recommend aiming for your goods to arrive at the receiver by Thursday 21st December.

Melbourne Melbourne Wednesday 20 December
Melbourne Sydney Tuesday 19 December
Melbourne Brisbane Monday 18 December
Melbourne Adelaide Tuesday 19 December
Melbourne Perth Thursday 14 December
Melbourne Darwin Tuesday 12 December
Melbourne Hobart Thursday 14 December
Sydney Sydney Wednesday 20 December
Sydney Melbourne Tuesday 19 December
Sydney Brisbane Tuesday 19 December
Sydney Adelaide Monday 18 December
Sydney Perth Thursday 14 December
Sydney Darwin Tuesday 12 December
Sydney Hobart Thursday 14 December