Lithium Batteries - How do I transport these?

Shipping lithium batteries is becoming more of a concern for many of our customers as products move away from being power operated to battery operated, resulting in a large increase in these types of shipments.

If you are unsure as to the process of sending products containing lithium batteries, then see our handy process guide which you can DOWNLOAD HERE, which has been developed with our dangerous goods packaging partner, Hazpak.

Featured below are example UN Numbers and Proper Shipping Names for Lithium Batteries:

UN 3480, Lithium ion batteries
UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries packed with equipment
UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment
UN 3090, Lithium metal batteries
UN 3091, Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment
UN 3091, Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment.

Freight People take the transport of your shipment containing lithium batteries very seriously and must comply with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations for shipping such items. We want to ensure that you are aware of all the requirements for shipping these products and help you overcome any challenges or obstacles you may face.

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