How Freight People Will Ease Your Deliveries In 2019

The New Year is here and you are probably excited to see what positive changes this fresh new year will bring in your company. Hopefully, many things will become simpler this year. After all, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and businesses are becoming much easier to manage with each passing day.

Delivering products down your supply chain has always been a major headache in the company. It isn’t easy to find trustworthy connections, to do freight negotiations or to deal with all of those arrangements that need to be handled when you are sending cargo over long distances. The paperwork is always a mess and every time your goods leave your warehouses for shipping, everything is a huge risk because of mishaps, theft and dangerous drivers along the roads.

If you have a need for simplified logistics then it is high time for you to switch over to Freight People. Here is how we will make your deliveries much easier in 2019.

No More Carrier Disputes

One of the most challenging parts of delivering products is to find available and trustworthy carriers. When you use our services you never have to struggle with price negotiations, carrier disputes or arrangements ever again because our company takes care of these tasks on your behalf.

No More Lost Freight

Theft and missing cargo is a huge problem in the freight industry. The security at warehousing is usually terrible and as a result, plenty of businesses suffer tremendous losses while goods are in transit. At Freight People we use cloud-based tracking systems that tell us exactly where and in whose hands your products are at all times. This reduces the risk of lost freight tremendously.

Automatic Insurance

If you despise calling one insurance company after another or hate having to deal with all of their loopholes when it is time to pay out then you will love Freight People. We use FreightSafe, a leading logistics insurance company, for all of our customer freight. All products you trust into our care can be automatically insured the moment our carriers pick these items up from your company.

Easy Interstate Logistics

Australian interstate transportation is tough to manage when there are so many documentation processes and legal processes to follow as products are being shipped across different states. Our freight managers handle these types of tasks on your behalf and we also have rail freight solutions that greatly eases the process of interstate shipments.

No More Freight Management Duties

When you use a freight broker you no longer need to take care of any logistics duties such as negotiations, carrier arrangements, pickup arrangements and such ever again. Our freight managers will handle all of these tough jobs for you.

No More Time-Consuming Payments

If you arrange your own transportation you have to pay lots of individual bills to different carriers, warehouses, and freight companies. At Freight People all of your expenses are pooled into one invoice that is incredibly easy to pay. We also save you the time of checking and double checking invoices and reduce the chances of missing out on payments or double paying carriers.

No More Delayed Deliveries

Don’t you just hate it when one of your carriers cancels on you at the last moment? It is always a challenge to find an available carrier in an emergency situation. Our company has a huge contact base and we can easily and quickly arrange alternative solutions so your products will be delivered on time.

For easy logistics in 2019, we welcome you to give our services at Freight People a try. Our business is a true breath of fresh air for anyone that is drowning in the responsibilities of cargo management.